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Pride and prejudice

Thus passed the long Easter weekend. It would have been a very fruitless weekend by my usual standards because I have not done much outdoor exercise or any sightseeing at all. However, all was not lost. I spent a good few hours watching the BBC pride and prejudice series and another good few hours reading the book.Before I knew it, it was time to get depressed over the fact that I have to go to work soon. I am not keen on the idea of reading a book twice no matter how much I appreciate it. I had this thinking that if I know the plot, there is not much joy in spending another good few hours reading what you already know. The same goes to films. But I made some exceptions, only very occasionally. It was the second time that I read pride and prejudice although I have been telling everyone how much I love the book. To my amazement, I find that it had been more enjoyable than my first reading. I know the plot and some of the lines, but this time, I was looking out for more subtle things. I didn’t know that I was capable of reading with so much enthusiasm on a second reading. I absolutely adore the story and I am sure most female readers will not contest its likeability. Like most females, I wonder if a real life Mr Darcy exists. I am not a sceptic, but I do think that most men with power, wealth, and good looks are not always the best husbands. Most of the time, they may lack integrity or honesty. In fact, it may even be a universal truth. But I always believe that fairy tales happen in real life but just don’t happen to everyone. For those hopeful females out there, including some of my friends, I hope that they will find their own Mr Darcy but if they don’t, there is no need to be disappointed, because it may only happen to one in a million and you are just part of the majority.

Cooking popcorn at home

If you have not tried cooking popcorn before, you definitely should try it. Interestingly, we got this idea from watching a home cooking show called Nigella Express, which we were attracted to by the criticisms the programme was subjected to. And we wanted to see if Nigella Lawson is really that flirtatious, after watching a lousy but hilarious impression performed by a guy in Graham Norton’s show (yes she does look rather flirtatious, but she certainly has not been squeezing her breasts every now and then :)) Anyway we just cooked our popcorn using her recipe, and it was quite fun. We used a big pan with a transparent glass lid, so we actually could see the popcorn pop! And W was amazed, to my amusement :)Interesting observation: it’s actually the crystallised or solidified sugar on the popcorn that makes them crunchier!

Jamie’s Fowl Dinners

Despite Jamie Oliver’s effort in promoting better quality school lunch in Britain, I still don’t think I like his TV programmes, or perhaps more precisely his image or his personality. It’s a strange one, as I seldom dislike someone. “Jamie’s Fowl Dinners” seems to be yet another of his “stunt”, this time to raise consumers awareness on the eggs or chickens they buy from supermarkets. To be fair, the programme is quite informational. It shows the poor conditions the chickens have to endure throughout their life, particularly those that are caged. You can almost see the chickens are happier if they are free-range. But what strikes me is his effort to try and tell the audience of the poor fate of the chickens, where they are ultimately slaughtered, chopped into separate parts for selling, with their carcasses compressed for sausages etc, yet he’s not willing to stop eating these poor chickens. I find his action rather contradictory, don’t you think? What a poor message to send out to the audience. W pointed out that he’s done something similar before as well, telling people, in the capacity as a Sainsbury spokesperson, that farmed salmon is healthy yet not serving them in his own restaurant. Hypocrite?

13 going on 30

I was flicking TV channels out of boredom today and happened to see 13 going on 30 on tv. As a natural course of events, I just watched the movie. It wasn’t hugely interesting but it got me wonder what I was doing when I was 13 now that I will be turning 30 in a few years’ time.I only remember being a normal high school first year student and nothing exciting happened to me throughout. Having said that, many years have passed and still nothing exciting happened to me. I think that movies tend to glamourise many ordinary events in life. In real life, only those born with a silver spoon will be able to live the luxurious lifestyle portrayed in the movies. It keeps the rest of us, ordinary people, wonder and hope. But the truth is, it just won’t happen, harsh but true. So, it was all for the purpose of entertainment. When the curtain draws, we are back in reality, having to face realistic issues like money, work, relationships…etc.

Lucy: Teen transsexual

This has got to be one of the most disturbing programme I’ve ever watched. Narrow-minded or what, it is still incredibly difficult for me to watch male undergoing surgical operation to get breast implants, have their penis removed and, most of all, get a vagina! This is all too much, way way too much for me, possibly because I’m always very scared of surgical operation. I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of his mum, for being so composed, supportive and loving.I can imagine that it must be daunting to go through such an operation. The fact that it didn’t put him off shows how badly he wants to become a girl. I’ve been told by people of various religions that these gay people are viewed as having some kind of sickness, and the right thing for them to do is to receive therapy. But I always have doubts in my mind about treating them as sicked. The way I see is we should accept ourselves for what we are born with, whether we are ugly looking, disabled or poor. We can be happy regardless of these kind of conditions. However for people who are born to identify themselves as the opposite gender, happiness just seems that bit less straightforward to attain. You see, they are comfortable being the opposite gender, and so are happy being the opposite gender. Yet religions have us believe that it is wrong for them to act that way. And people generally feels weird to see people of the same sex getting too friendly.Now that there are options for people to “correct” their physicals, is it then the right thing to do, should they feel uncomfortable with their existing package? Whatever their decision, I’m just glad that I don’t have the same baggage as they have. And I sincerely hope that Lucy is now finally happy, and people can accept who “she” really is, despite what some people think of her as not a “real” woman.

Apprentice UK 2007

My colleague told me half a year ago that an ex-colleague of ours, Sophie, was auditioning to appear on the Apprentice. I wasn’t too surprised, to be honest, considering the character and personality of my ex-colleague. In fact, in my opinion, she does not look out of place in this type of reality show. However I was surprised 2 months ago when my colleague told me that she actually made it to the last 16, after initially telling me that she didn’t make it to the “last 12”. What a turn of events. Well, this means that I finally have the chance to watch somebody I know, and whom I’ve worked with, on a reality show! Hurray!Personally, I don’t fancy her winning. She may be clever, competent and ambitious, but I don’t think she is that wise a person. Anyway, let’s see if she has what it takes to win the show, which is very different from succeeding in a work place, and hope that she is wiser than I thought she was.