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Hot hot hot

It has been like this for the last few weeks. Very little rain. Once or twice, if you consider the drizzle as rain, at most over the same period of time. For months I’ve been taking hot shower. Nowadays I switch to bathing from water storage tank. Definitely can’t sleep without switching on air conditioner for a good few hours when I go to bed.

Looking around my house, grass is not growing, except weeds which is seeding. Luckily I’ve not been keeping plants, yet. Except the one plant that my mum gave me which I have to remind myself to water it everyday. And that’s hard work already for me. Any outdoor activity is out of the question for me. Having said that, went for a dip in the swimming pool with the family yesterday. I’m now feeling pain on my shoulder, probably a sun burn. What else can we do when it’s such hot!!?