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Upgrading WordPress

After years of using the same old version of WordPress, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade it to the latest version. I’m always cagey about doing such thing, not least because I’ve not done it before, it’s that I’m worried I’ll someshow mess up the posts that are stored in the MySQL database. Although I’ve made two different backup copies, one backing up the database and the other the whole working directory, I’m all too wary that it will take me a long time to put things back together should something went wrong during the upgrade process. Luckily for me everything seems fine and I don’t think you can see anything visibly different from what it used to be, as all the plugins seem to work too.Over the next few days I’m planning to change the look and feel, or the theme, of this blog. Hope it’s not going to be too much work.

Finally up and running

What should normally take 5 minutes to set up ended up taking me days! To be fair to wordpress, if you are using a third party web hosting service, it shouldn’t really take you much time to get wordpress installed and there you can start blogging. I know I should shoulder some blame as well, as I tried to host this website on my home machine, which wasn’t equipped with php and mysql initially. But to later find out that it was actually a simple mistake in the wordpress package that was preventing me from getting this done sooner was absolutely deflating. That closing php tag, which was one short in the install script, was costly because it confused me into thinking, for days, that my web server wasn’t configured to work as required by wordpress, which uses php and mysql. But on a positive note, much was learnt during the process, as is always the case when you play with Linux. Avoid using pre-compiled binaries if you have multiple packages that you want to link together. Compile from source always gives you control over what you want and don’t want.