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Beer halls in Munich

Turns out that the beer hall my Greek friend brought me to yesterday was one of the best beer hall in Munich. It’s called Augustiner and is located on the main shopping street between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. The place is huge, biggest western restaurant I’ve seen by a mile. Beer can be ordered in one litre mug. Because the mug is so big and heavy, a German sitting next to me taught me the German way of drinking from this type of mugs. Basically you hold it in such a way that the mug will rest on your wrist when you drink. Interesting way to drink, but not without logic, according to that German, as after a few drinks people understandably become dizzier and weaker. So lifting the mug alone can become hard work :)Tonight we are going to another beer hall, called Weiss Brauhaus, for dinner. It apparently serves very good food. My brother suggested me to go to Hofbrahaus as well. Will see.

Customer facing work

It’s nice to be able to do some customer-facing work. Especially when something you sell has direct impact to the customer. I’ve been working on technical stuff all my working life. The things my company sell are mainly technologies, software etc. Not only that most of the time we don’t sell to end-users, we are merely selling them for the company we work for. I get such different feelings when I’m selling something for my own business. I almost feel like I’m always putting in 110%! What’s more, holiday is always an enjoyable thing to do, particularly honeymoon. So I get to deal with people in good mood from the start, thinking of going on holiday, and I get to feel doubly appreciated when the holiday turns out to be a great one.To be honest, I haven’t really thought much about this when we ventured into this travel business. And I haven’t realised that Malaysia is such a wonderful country, as most of the time we only think about visiting outside Malaysia, somewhere glamourous, European cities for example. And that I will fall in love with nature, and start to appreciate what’s around even more. Thanks to my brother and cousin-in-law, who introduce me to this business, it transpires that this business is more interesting than I initially imagined!

Work life balance

A lot has been said about work life balance in recent years in the UK. It is certainly a very welcoming movement for some. Although a huge supporter myself, I wonder if this is everybody’s cup of tea. Some people simply seem to enjoy work, especially those who are single and find it boring to be home early in the evening only to end up watching tv at night.I did use to enjoy work before I was married. I worked long hours although not totally unreasonable and when there was not much work, I seemed to find my life rather empty and boring. But all has changed. I have since picked up many hobbies and past times that I cherish every minute when I am not working. I still do enjoy work, but only to the extent that it is not bringing too much stress to my life.Life seems so much more complete when you are not putting your life in your career. You have more time to think and reflect upon yourself. In my case, it has certainly been very beneficial. I start to care more about others and my patience improves. When I see some of my colleagues working ridiculously long hours, I wonder if they realise what they are missing out in life. It is not just one day or a week and every minute adds up to any resentment in the future. I like the latin phrase “carpe diem”, seize the day. It keeps me on my toe to live my day to the fullest.

Easter holiday

Woohoo, it’s Easter long weekend. It’s been difficult to concentrate at work today. Longing to go home. And I’ve just received my first colour laser printer. Hell it’s heavy, 17.0kg including the packaging. Yet to test it out, but I’m full of hope (please don’t disappoint me!). Weather over the next few days is not looking good according to the BBC weather forecast. Was hoping to do some gardening, now that Spring is fast approaching. The Daffodils I planted last winter are blossoming! But my little garden does need some much needed make-over after months of inactivities from us. You know, Winter is very cold, and not many things grow 🙂 Was also thinking of buying some mealworms, to hopefully tame the Robin that visits our window bird feeder everyday.

Blue Tit

Caught this Blue Tit on camera busy eating sunflower hearts on our window bird feeder last week. The yellow lump on the far side is the Daffodils flower :)BTW, have a fabulous Easter weekend everyone!

The ideal job

If you are a working wife, is finding the right job just as important as finding the right husband? I have spent the past four years working for four different companies none of which I truly liked. Yet, here I am still struggling on. I know that I never really like working soon after I graduated from university. I prefer engaging myself in intellectual conversations or sometime in not so intellectual activities. I like to have freedom to do what I want at any point in time without having to account for my actions.May be this is to do with my discipline. But I never really had any disciplinary problems in my life. In fact so much so that I wished I had more fun. May be this is really about not finding the right job. A lot of other factors can affect how you like your job, like your immediate boss, your co-workers, your salary and benefits etc etc. Which makes me wonder whether there is ever anyone who likes what they do disregarding all the above factors. But with a plethora of choices available, some people like myself have become more and more picky that we may never find any employment that we will enjoy.

Is the grass always greener elsewhere?

Today I received an email from my ex-secretary who is still working at the same place. She asked if it would be easy to get a job in the UK whether legally or illegally as long as it pays well. My immediate thought was I could not respond to her email using work email address as it would be hugely inappropriate.What concerns me most is not that she is willing to take up a job through illegal means but that she would sacrifice her time with her family and travel to a completely strange country to earn more money, and she is a mother of two or three children. Is it worth it? I remember my dad was abroad working for six months when I was very young. I remember missing him so much. We were very poor and had to go to a public phone booth to call him may be once a fortnight just to talk for five minutes. It was such a sad experience that I will never forget it in my life. Unless there is absolutely no other choice, I think parents should never leave their children to go abroad for money reasons. What you make out of your earnings is entirely your choice. The most important thing is to be happy and no amount of money can substitute happy times with family.

Fate calling?

I have started my new job for about slightly more than six months now. It has been a very fruitful experience in the sense that I am given a lot of time to learn technical knowledge to build up my competence at work. However, the downside is that I don’t always seem to enjoy what I do. There are times, more often than not, that I wonder if I had made the right career choice in joining this firm. They have taken on so many people at my level that there does not seem to be enough work to be shared among us. We have to be so competitive in maintaining a profile in the office to continue getting work from the partners and senior.When I was deciding whether to join this firm. I had another offer from a less prolific firm but probably a more cosy and friendly place to take my career further. I declined it because I thought the training would not be as good. Which is probably a very valid reason. In the past few weeks, I have been questioning myself whether I should resign and go back to that firm to take that offer. The partner told me that I could go back anytime if that position is still vacant. But of course I never have the courage to call and it is probably a little rich of me to ask, or so I think.I received a call from my ex-agent out of the blue today just for a chat and find out how I am doing. He also indicated that the firm is still looking and had not found any suitable candidates. Is it a hint from God? Or am I reading too much into this? When I took on a job previously in a highly stressful environment, I struggled with adapting to the culture too. But I hang in there and had actually benefit from the experience. I am not sure if I just need a bit more time to settle in. Is six months long enough to decide? I don’t know. But I definitely have not the courage to pull the alarm now.

Redundancy (not me!)

A part of the company I’m working for is going to be vacated from our building soon. Around half of the employees will be made redundant. That was quite some news, for me, as I haven’t yet come across such situation before in my life. The build-up to the announcement, made by our business director, was an interesting one. The invitation sent out, via email, by the secretary didn’t mention anything about what the briefing is all about. Some colleagues were very suspicious, and perhaps have even prepared for some bad news. Not sure it is a relief when we heard that the news doesn’t affect our division. The news must be shocking to those who are involved, who were briefed in another meeting room. Imagine that you have a half chance of being made redundant. Such news definitely won’t go down well.** Latest news, England lost to Russia 2-1! Maybe Steve McClaren should receive one of these big letters as well. **My tennis coach works in that part of the company. Today is my last lesson with him. Let’s hope that he’s not one of the unlucky lot.

Apprentice UK 2007

My colleague told me half a year ago that an ex-colleague of ours, Sophie, was auditioning to appear on the Apprentice. I wasn’t too surprised, to be honest, considering the character and personality of my ex-colleague. In fact, in my opinion, she does not look out of place in this type of reality show. However I was surprised 2 months ago when my colleague told me that she actually made it to the last 16, after initially telling me that she didn’t make it to the “last 12”. What a turn of events. Well, this means that I finally have the chance to watch somebody I know, and whom I’ve worked with, on a reality show! Hurray!Personally, I don’t fancy her winning. She may be clever, competent and ambitious, but I don’t think she is that wise a person. Anyway, let’s see if she has what it takes to win the show, which is very different from succeeding in a work place, and hope that she is wiser than I thought she was.

Tiring life

Yes, I know it’s been a long long while and I make no excuses for not writing more often. But work has been rather hectic. I am approaching my 1st anniversary with my current employer. For the records, I have never worked with any employer for more than a year and I look forward to establishing a better employment history.I am not sure whether it’s the winter or the very fact that I am leading a tiring life that depresses me. My daily routine of being in the office (except weekends of course!) seems to make me feel dispirited more than ever.I don’t know how many working adults out there moan about not having enough time to do other things besides working. Honestly, I have great plans for the weekends every Wednesday. However, by the time Friday comes, I will be so exhausted that all I want to do is to take a rest at home and yet, it seems that no matter how much time I spend resting, it’s never enough.So my dilemma is whether I should do more activities every weekend and end up moaning about not getting proper rest or take more rests and still feeling lethargic.In any case, I have planned to attend a yoga lesson this weekend and hope that it’s a good start to having a more balanced lifestyle.