Taming Robin Part 3: The ultimatum

We are so incredibly happy. Robin finally feeds off my hand, and W’s hand too. But it is down the mealworms route. Yellow cheese doesn’t seem to quite cut it. The mealworms are far more tempting, especially they are live mealworms. I suppose there’s more of an urgency for the robin to risk and pick the food from our hand, as the mealworms can move, and once the mealworms “get away”, that means missed opportunities for the robin. Surely Robin does not want that to happen?! 😉

Another thing we learnt is we need to train the robin to get used to our hand around his food. After we placed the mealworm on the ground, we need to leave our hand there. As soon as he learns that our hand is not a threat to him, he’s no longer shy to pick mealworm from our hand. In fact he’s prepared to come very close to us for food now, rather than us going close to him to feed him. Fabulous, we have our first tame robin! :)We had so much fun feeding and taking pictures of the robin yesterday. I thought I’ve bought too much mealworms, which came in a box from a local pet shop. But I obviously forgot that I’m feeding the whole family rather than just the one robin! I think we’ve fed around 30 mealworms yesterday alone, morning and evening. And that was not including the yellow cheese we put out as well!

Robin and mealworms 1
Robin and mealworms 2

Tame Robin, by arctanck

3 thoughts on “Taming Robin Part 3: The ultimatum”

  1. That`s brilliant! I had no idea that Robins could be so tame! As well as Robins here we also have a pair of Chaffinches and they are also becoming quite friendly. When we feed our chickens they fly down and clean up the grain! 🙂

  2. Absolutely incredible stuff!I often get birds on my windowsill and several squirrels – none of which really mind my being in my own kitchen…!I do find it clear, however, that as man builds, man also destroys… what you’re doing is giving back a little of what man has taken – and you’ve earned the trust and respect of your local wildlife to this extent :-)All I can add is, keep it up! Try and get film of it.. I swear, I really would like to see the robin landing on your hand!Recently, there was a news story on here about a man who went for a regular walk to a particular bench where a robin waited for him to feed out of his hand – and I was so taken by it… our robins won’t… there are too many other birds vying for the same spaces for food (my feeders) but I do get so much pleasure from watching them. I’ve got an adult great tit teaching her kids to pinch the squirrels nuts – it’s hilarious all the hits and misses, but they’re getting there!I love my garden gang – in all their forms… and thanks to a well aimed water pistol at the cats, they know they’re in a good place to dine – as I’m sure yours are too 🙂

  3. Thank you for the comment squirrellover. Men do destroy a lot. I used to like modern cities, buildings and stuff more than I like say animals, as I used to find them cleaner, nicer to look at. Funny how my perspective changes as I grow up. Nature is such a beauty in itself that man-made stuff can’t really match.I do feel for the fox that lives in the city of Glasgow in yesterday’s Spring Watch. He’s so lonely and it’s dangerous for him to wander around like that.

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