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The lessons from BBC on how to handle the tennis racquet for different shots are excellent! I’m so proud that the grip I use for serving is a correct one, as I was trying to teach what I think is the right grip to W the other day. Unbelievable, I’m a genius :)We had a game yesterday and I’m so pleased that my forehand shots have improved. It’s incredible to see the difference, by just learning how to hold the tennis racquet properly. I’ve much better control on where I want to put to ball on the court. And you just know when you’ve hit the ball properly, from the sound, the feel etc. I think the grip makes a lot of difference on the amount of top spin that can be put on the ball, which somehow adds more power to the hits. Yesterday’s was the best tennis session yet for me. We are thinking of taking some tennis lessons soon this September. Let’s hope the coach has enough students to start the tennis class.

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  1. Hi,I started reading your blog after searching for some articles on Malaysian Election. I was wondering, since you reside in the UK now, have you ever have the thoughts of going back to Malaysia for good? I am 24 this year and I have been in NY for 7 years. After going back in Feb for CNY, my heart is having this dilemma of wanting to go back to Malaysia and be rooted there once again. Do you have any advice or comments on this issue?Thanks,

  2. Hi Boon, I think this is a common dilemma for people who are overseas. My advice for you is, if you have a good job in NY, then there is no hurry for you to go back to Malaysia so soon. Considering that working in Malaysia is not always very enjoyable. Retiring in Malaysia is definitely not a bad idea. It all depends on how badly you miss Malaysia, your family, your friends, food etc. And are there much to offer living in NY? I have friends who seem to be more suited living in Malaysia, but live in the UK nevertheless. It’s just odd, as they are still quite chinese/malaysia, even after years of living in the UK. They prefer chinese food, like to watch TVB series etc. When you have the priviledge to be living abroad, might as well make the most of out it before calling it a day and go back home without regrets. Just my 2 cents.

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