The big investigation

It’s getting really annoying now. There’s been holes consistenly appearing in my herb pots and flower pots everyday for the past one week, dug up by a mystery creature which we still have no clue what it is. Initially we suspected that it is a naughty bird, but a bird probably is not strong enough to topple our rectangular shape herb pot. My colleague suggested that it could be a cat, as this kind of incidence happened to him before. I have toyed with the idea of setting up a surveillance camera using a webcam and remotely monitor it over the Internet while I’m away at work. But monitoring live video is too involving while storing half a day’s worth of pictures is going to take too much hard disk space, and requiring me to scan through the pictures. My colleague came up with a yet better idea, that is to use motion dection software to only snap up pictures when motion is detected. This is brilliant, the mystery creature will unveil itself in no time! But, before getting all too excited, I need to first get myself a webcam, ‘doh!

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