The ideal job

If you are a working wife, is finding the right job just as important as finding the right husband? I have spent the past four years working for four different companies none of which I truly liked. Yet, here I am still struggling on. I know that I never really like working soon after I graduated from university. I prefer engaging myself in intellectual conversations or sometime in not so intellectual activities. I like to have freedom to do what I want at any point in time without having to account for my actions.May be this is to do with my discipline. But I never really had any disciplinary problems in my life. In fact so much so that I wished I had more fun. May be this is really about not finding the right job. A lot of other factors can affect how you like your job, like your immediate boss, your co-workers, your salary and benefits etc etc. Which makes me wonder whether there is ever anyone who likes what they do disregarding all the above factors. But with a plethora of choices available, some people like myself have become more and more picky that we may never find any employment that we will enjoy.

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