The infamous Internal Security Act (ISA) in action, once again

Initially it was Raja Petra, a blogger, who got detained by the draconian ISA this evening. Now a journalist and a politician are also detained. What kind of madness is this! Is the current administration trying to intimidate the opposition coalition, and to scare MPs from the ruling coalition from trying to cross-over to the opposition coalition! What a dire attempt to try and stay in power. What is even more ridiculous is in fact they have sent 49 MPs to Taiwan, on a study tour, in an attempt to stop the opposition from potentially seizing control of the government through the cross-over, as repeatedly taunted by the opposition leader Anwar for some months now to happen on the 16th September. Looking at all the sagas that are unfolding in Malaysia, I cannot help but to hope that the opposition coalition can really take control of the country from the 16th September onwards. There is no guarantee that the opposition will do better, but I really cannot see how they can do much worse than the current administration! Come on you people who are on the study tours in Taiwan!

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