The virtual world

Do you live your life in the virtual world? I was just discussing with my colleagues about facebook and the likes during our Christmas lunch today. Many people seem to spend a majority of their time living in the virtual world these days. In a way, it is a total revolution as to how people communicate. It takes the pressures off from having to talk to someone face to face or any form of instantaneous communication. However, the drawbacks are that it is so comfortable to hide behind the veil that it has reached a state of beyond control. You can virtually have two lives and one of which you can have absolute freedom as to how you want it to be without any boundaries or moral responsibilities to abide by.If it is merely a form of occasional past time, it may not affect a person’s health. But if you are so hooked up that you spend all your free time living in the virtual world, then it is a worrying sign.I still think that nothing should replace the occasional socials with friends and families to share your joys and sorrows. After all, humans need to live in a real community, not through a machine.

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