Life is rather busy lately. Not overwhelming, yet, but it happened to me a few times that I need to consciously stop myself from playing a movie that I have been thinking of watching for quite some time. 2 hours is not a long time, but often I find that I’d rather read a few more news articles on-line, update my blog, or watch a “short” while of TV programmes. There just seems to be a lot less time to spare these days, compared to when I was younger. But I have to admit that this is considerably better than if I were to be in Malaysia. Time is going to be even more scarce for me there, as I will have to allocate time to spend with my family. Social affairs among friends, colleagues and acquaintances are going to happen more frequently in Malaysia too. I’m sure a lot of people enjoy being with friends and family, but I find that this is quite suffocating some times. Getting together with people every now and then is fine. But going out almost every other day is just too much for me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit anti-social. But I certainly like to keep some time for myself, to relax, to reflect etc. I’m glad that I’m a guy, as at least I’m not expected to maintain a close relationship with male friends. I find that girls are definitely more demanding than guys when it comes to friendship. Anyway I can just see that life is going to be even tougher when there are kids around, ‘doh!

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