Tokutokuya in De Garden has closed shop

It has been a while this 100 yen shop has closed shop in De Garden. Business has probably been hit by the presence of Mr DIY. And there are also Daiso, the RM5 plus GST shop that opens wherever there is AEON.

But just noticed that a new franchise is going to set up shop in its place in De Garden, opening before the end of the year. It’s called Inside Scoop, an ice cream franchise that seems to be quite popular in KL, judging by the number of its shops in KL. Often franchises don’t end well in Ipoh, especially so if they are not located in a shopping mall. Tutti Fruitti, that sells frozen yogurt, has closed all its shops in Ipoh bar one in Ipoh Parade. Will Inside Scoop be able to capture the imagination of the hard-to-please Ipoh folks, and last the distance? My gut feeling is it is going to be very very difficult. We’ll see.

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