Trip to Egypt

It was two weeks since we got back from Egypt, a trip to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Not exactly a relaxing holiday, which we know, as there are so much to see in Egypt! You know, civilisation started 5000 years ago there 🙂 Good decision that we booked ourselves into a sea side resort at the end of our holiday for a bit of relaxation. It was wonderfully relaxing, facing the Red Sea, good, warm weather throughout. Here is a photo we took at Luxor Temple, which you can click onto to see the set of photos we have uploaded.Luxor TempleThere are plenty more I want to write about our trip to Egypt, e.g. the inconvenient truth that we have been scammed by a shoe-shine guy, ripped off by some “government controlled” shops selling souvenirs in Cairo, met some lovely local and foreign people during our holiday etc. But I guess I just have to find myself some time to really sit down and write everything. Not the most pleasant holiday I must say, but I hope our experience will still encourage you to visit Egypt without having to go through much hassle or unpleasant experience.

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