Two star kayak

“This is to certify that XXX has taken and passed the above personal performance test as laid down by the Board of the British Canoe Union. Ha, finally got my two star kayak certificate today after taking the test few months ago during the summer. And I’m given a badge too! :)It’s a fairly easy test, and only took me two weekends to complete the training including the test. The most difficult manoeveur I was required to do was to regain my posture after a capsize without leaving the kayak, with the help of a rescuer (in another kayak). I was okay. But to be honest with you, I don’t think I will want to use this technique should I really capsize. :)Anyway, the test is necessary for me so that when I next volunteer (as a helper) to bring local sea scouts out to paddle on the Thames this coming summer, at least I’m aware of the basics of kayaking, and how to kayak the proper way. It should be good fun, and I can’t wait for the summer to come already, especially when the weather is turning cold early this year!

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