UTC is one highlight of this government

Went to Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Ipoh town center, located at where Super Kinta used to be, to renew my daughter’s passport few days ago. It was a breeze. No queues, plenty of service counters. Photo of my daughter was captured on the spot using SLR cameras infront of their counters. No form needs filling up, as everything is already in their database. My daughter just needed to sign a document alongside with her tiny thumb print 🙂 After that waited 5 minutes to pay for the renewal. Costed us RM100 for a 5-year renewal. And we were told to come back in an hour to collect the passport. So from start to finish the whole process only took us an hour and a half. Superb efficiency. There are other government agencies and utilities offices there too where you can pay bills, renew identity card, settle fines etc. Very convenient. Definitely one of the few highlights under the Najib administration. Will go down well with their attempt to make Malaysia more attractive as a retirement destination.

Whilst on our way back, spotted that BeBe shop was no longer in business. This is the branch in town center, on the same row as McDonald’s.

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