Veggie based diet

I have a colleague who becomes vegetarian because he believes that a meat based diet is not as efficient as a veggie based diet. That was the first time I heard of such perspective. It is certainly very interesting, but I didn’t look any further into it, perhaps mainly because I am already a vegetarian, although from a different perspective. What I hadn’t realise, until recently, was it is possible to feed the whole world, with the current produce, if everyone goes on a veggie based diet. Here are some good information fromViva!.Talk to different people, you get different views about becoming vegetarian. Some coming from nations where cooking and eating good food are joy of their life, taking up veggie based diet is just unattractive, with so much less options. Some believe that their teeth formation do not suggest that they should turn vegetarian. Some think it is more efficient for the animals to digest the “plants” for them, so they can get a “condensed” version of protein easily from meat.Rupert Everett, who starred in “The Importance of Being Earnest“, recently appeared on a cooking show and explained why he turns vegetarian when asked by the host. According to him, he once brought his dog, which he loves, for a walk in the mountain when he was in Switzerland some time ago. While taking a rest, sitting down in a field, he suddenly found himself surrounded by curious cows. It then became a routine for him taking up such walk to the field, as he found himself in love with the experience. The realisation that he loves the cows, as much as his dog, became the reason for him turning vegetarian. Perhaps it requires one or a series of special experience before people will consider taking up a more veggie based diet…

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