I just had the pleasure of attending a high school friend’s wedding last weekend. I always like to attend weddings, it’s such an exciting experience seeing people getting married. You always see the sweetest moments of a couple during their wedding. So much good things are said about each other and so on and so forth. Of course the most enjoyable experience is being able to dress up!There’s a tradition in England that the ladies will wear hats when attending weddings. I think it’s a really delightful tradition. I also love the fact that most British really dress up for weddings and take the ceremony seriously. It shows respect to the wedding couple. On the contrary, it seems that in the Far East, at least from that part of the world that I came from, people don’t really dress up for weddings. I even had guests turning up in jeans and t-shirts at my wedding! Having said that, there seems to be a change in dressing sense at weddings these days. People are becoming wealthier and more exposed to the western culture. What’s more, it’s the perfect excuse to splash on clothes and get pretty.I once thought of becoming a wedding planner. The idea of working with wedding couples at their happiest moments was really attractive until I realised that it was probably also the most stressful moments. You just have to get everything right and perfect from tip to toe. But still, I love weddings, one of my favourite events.:)

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  1. I too like the opportunity to get dolled up.:)I especially look forward to the banquet and dancing. 😛 The rare ocassion of reuniting with ppl we haven’t seen in ages can be fun as well.

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