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Have been really into the mood of having some wine to go with meals at home lately, particulary Italian dishes that tend to have a lot of cream and cheese. But a bottle between the two of us on a weekday is too much. We only want the wine to accompany the meal, not to get pissed. So it’s always a waste to see a good bottle of wine turns sour after a day and we eventually have to pour down the sink.Recently I came up with a plan, that was to buy a 3-litre box of wine that come with a tap. Apparently the quality of the wine in such box can be maintained for up to 6 weeks. Wonderful, couldn’t believe that I came across this alternative packaging of wine only as recently as 3 months ago, when my brother in Malaysia opened a box gifted by his aussie friend.

But what I hadn’t realised was, I was told by my French colleague that there’s such thing known as a vacuum wine pump and stopper! Like what’s said on the label, you can extracts the air from the opened bottle using the vacuum pump and reseals it with a special reusable rubber stopper. Doing so slows down the oxidation process, allowing you to enjoy the wine for a longer period, up to a week or two. Brilliant isn’t it.So looks like our tolerance of alcohol is not in question. This is further confirmed when I had the dinner of my life, so far, in Paris with my work partners few days ago. There were six of us, three French, and we didn’t even finish 2 bottles of wine. But we did however start with Champagne, and finished off with Armagnac to settle the stomach though 🙂 (Have to admit that the French really do take their food and wine seriously.)

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  1. Hmm. I wonder if it’s the same kind of box wine they sell here at the grocery stores. Ppl bring them to parties, cos they’re convenient to serve and cheaper. Usually sweeter tasting and less alcohol content.I’ve never had any wine turn sour. I just reseal and stick it back into the fridge. There’s a bottle that’s been sitting in there for years. 😛 You can tell how much I drink !

  2. I suppose they are the same, just that this kind of wine box doesn’t seem to be that common in the UK, or that I haven’t been paying much attention when I shop 🙂 Not sure about less alcohol content, but should be cheaper. But the duff thing about this 3-litre package is it takes a long time to finish. I should have known about this vacuum wine stopper earlier!You should try tasting the wine in your fridge now. Maybe it now tastes like vinegar 🙂

  3. The box wine here is typically pink sweet wine. It’s lower quality but I assume u can find pricier ones.I just tasted the one bottle I received for my wedding gift from close to 6 yrs ago, not quite like vinegar, I probrably wouldn’t’ve detected the sourness if one didn’t mention it.. ha haa

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