Winter blues

It’s that season of the year that I dreaded most, again. Born in a tropical country, I had never have to deal with the consequences of not getting enough sunshine, until I came to the UK. Initially I thought I was just being homesick but soon I realised that I was suffering from seasonal affective disorder. There was no explanation for the sudden change in my mood and the whole world seemed gloomy and depressed. It is really hard to explain how it feels like except that it is almost painful and the days (or rather nights) seem like the end of the world.It has been a lot better since marrying C because he keeps me company all the time. But the depression is still there. I have tried to do more outdoor activities with the few hours of sun during the weekends and it seems to help. I have been complaining more often than not about quiting my job. I am not sure whether this is due to me not liking what I do or the depression. I just can’t wait for winter to be over but it is just the beginning. And the winter so far has been comparatively lacking of sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Winter blues”

  1. I was just reading up SAD symptoms on the net yesterday. I exhibit every one of the symptom. It’s horrible. I am glad that someone understands me cos others probably think I am insane.

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