Winter blues

I can’t help but to feel rather depressed when I had to change my summer duvet to a winter duvet last week. I have been trying to convince myself to look further than the winter but then, hey, the winter hasn’t even started! And I am already suffering the blues!Autumn seems to set in really quickly this year. Last year we had a warm November and people were still wearing shorts. I remember boasting about playing tennis in the open late autumn and not having to turn on the heater till late November. That was definitely the most bearable winter I had.I am not so positive about this year though. I had to turn on the heater last weekend and spent on an electric blanket to cheer up myself that winter isn’t too bad after all. Talking about electric blanket, I will definitely rate it as one of the greatest invention after a breadmaking machine 🙂 There’s nothing more cosy than crawling yourself into a warm bed during the winter. I still remember the dark times when I had to warm the bed using my body generated heat! It’s just not right!If there is one thing that I should cherish about winter, it’s the fact that I can start wearing my boots which have been gathering dusts in the shoe shelves for the past few months. Perhaps it is almost time to invest in another pair too!

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