Work life balance

A lot has been said about work life balance in recent years in the UK. It is certainly a very welcoming movement for some. Although a huge supporter myself, I wonder if this is everybody’s cup of tea. Some people simply seem to enjoy work, especially those who are single and find it boring to be home early in the evening only to end up watching tv at night.I did use to enjoy work before I was married. I worked long hours although not totally unreasonable and when there was not much work, I seemed to find my life rather empty and boring. But all has changed. I have since picked up many hobbies and past times that I cherish every minute when I am not working. I still do enjoy work, but only to the extent that it is not bringing too much stress to my life.Life seems so much more complete when you are not putting your life in your career. You have more time to think and reflect upon yourself. In my case, it has certainly been very beneficial. I start to care more about others and my patience improves. When I see some of my colleagues working ridiculously long hours, I wonder if they realise what they are missing out in life. It is not just one day or a week and every minute adds up to any resentment in the future. I like the latin phrase “carpe diem”, seize the day. It keeps me on my toe to live my day to the fullest.

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